Antarctica Capital is a global alternative investment manager with operations in the United States, United Kingdom, and India.

Thesis-Driven Investing

Antarctica Capital's investment approach emphasizes deep knowledge of industry and target asset/company dynamics, conviction around specific trends, and the pursuit of catalyst-driven market opportunities. Our objective is to offer investors transaction opportunities that are either off-market or require a particular set of expertise and relationships not readily available to others. This often leads us towards path-breaking investment strategies or overlooked companies and assets that can be enhanced through operational transformation or consolidation strategies. Antarctica Capital has an absolute return focus which leads us to rigorously evaluate and build conviction around idiosyncratic investment opportunities. Our investment strategies include the SIGA®, SARO® and OMNIH™ strategies.

Active Asset Management Approach

Antarctica Capital has integrated investment and operating teams that permits us to take an "owner/operator" approach to our investments. We remain heavily involved and embedded in shaping the direction and transformation of portfolio companies and assets. Our holistic investment approach with its emphasis on instilling strong oversight, financial discipline, technology, operational consulting, capital structure, and optimization of management and the workforce, helps to maximize value through the investment lifecycle.

Investment Focus


Antarctica Capital targets transportation, infrastructure and real estate assets and operating companies in those sectors. The focus is upon cultivating investment opportunities that reposition assets or offer the potential for operational value creation. Our SIGA® strategy originates and optimizes secure income and growth assets (SIGA®) for appropriate funding profiles. The OMNIH™ strategy is transforming transportation related assets through the creation of on-demand mobility network infrastructure hubs (OMNIH™).


Antarctica Capital's insurance strategy targets sourcing insurance liabilities that act as permanent capital or longer-term capital for the firm's real asset and other alternative investments. The combination of our insurance and investment expertise is utilized to ensure the optimal regulatory and rating capital treatment for our investment products.


Antarctica Capital's special situations strategies aim to offer a high return without a corresponding increase in risk through investments that offer downside protection but with the opportunity to unlock upside potential. The focus is upon opportunistically identifying event-driven and structured credit investment opportunities.